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  Great Deals!
Click to View Larger Picture Buffalo Horn Wrap  $23.00   Buy!
We cut our Buffalo Horn Wraps extra long and 1 3/4" wide. Buffalo is thicker than Elk and has more grab. Color varies from light to medium brown. Item # 100264 
Click to View Larger Picture Black Chap Horn Wrap  $20.00   Buy!
Horn Wrap cut 1-3/4" wide and over 5' long out of 5oz leather. See our matching bucking roll and cantle bag. Item # 101570 
Click to View Larger Picture LIME GREEN HORN WRAP  $20.00   Buy!
Lime green horn wrap cut to a generous length. We offer bucking rolls to match as well as many other horn wraps. Item # 102469 
Click to View Larger Picture Red Chap Leather Horn Wrap  $20.00   Buy!
Red Chap Leather Horn Wraps are cut by us in our saddle shop. They are 1-3/4" wide and over 5' long. See the matching bucking rolls and cantle bags on this site. Item # 105174 
Click to View Larger Picture Elk Hide Horn Wrap (MADE IN USA)  $20.00   Buy!
Elk hide horn wrap is our most popular horn wrap. Elk hide is easier on your rope and it has more grab than Mule hide.Elk hide horn wraps are easy to put on without wetting them. Normally ships via USPS. Item # 1751 
Click to View Larger Picture Horn Wrapping Long(Mulehide)  $20.00   Buy!
We cut our horn wraps the full length of the hide. Mulehide is the standard for dally roping. It is tougher than elk and much stickier than latigo. Item # 18397 
Click to View Larger Picture PINK HORN WRAPPING (MADE IN USA)  $20.00   Buy!
For those of you that like pink we have a long pink leather horn wrap for you. we also have turquoise, mule hide, elk, and latigo horn wraps. Item # 18400 
Click to View Larger Picture TURQUOISE HORN WRAPPING  $20.00   Buy!
We offer Turquoise horn wrapping as well as Pink, Mule Hide, Latigo, and Elk horn wrapping. All are cut to a generous length. Item # 18401 
Click to View Larger Picture Purple Horn Wrap  $20.00   Buy!
Extra long 1 3/4" wide purple chap leather horn wrap. Item # 18402 

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