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  Great Deals!

Custom  Wade Saddle #585 Custom Wade Saddle #585  $10,100.00   Buy!
This beautiful saddle was hand made by Ken Tipton and has been featured in several major art shows. This Wade saddle has a 16 1/4" seat. Item # 116 
Saddle #608 Saddle #608  $6,000.00   Buy!
Saddle specifications: Wade tree, 151/2" seat, Guadalahara wood post horn, 4" x 12" cantle,7/8 Ring rigging. Call 1-800-547-8477 and ask for Ken if you have questions or would like to order yours. Item # 1252 
Custom Saddle 729 Custom Saddle 729  $6,750.00   Buy!
This Wade is made on a 16" tree. Full Basket Stamped with a cheyenne roll and regular square skirts. Order yours today. Delivery on custom orders is 8 to 10 months. Item # 15255 
Custom Western Saddle #600 Custom Western Saddle #600   $6,200.00   Buy!
This custom Wade saddle features include half breed border tooling, 7/8 flat plate rigging. The tree is a 16 1/4" Wade with a 9" fork and 4 1/4" cap wood post horn 3" 800-547-8477 for more info. Item # 1635 
Custom Wade Saddle 656 Custom Wade Saddle 656  $6,000.00   Buy!
This saddle is built on a wade tree with a 16" seat and features a barbwire stamp with rough out seat and fenders. Notice the skirt cut away for closer contact. Call 800-547-8477 to order your custom saddle or for questions. Item # 1846 
Custom Saddle No. 668 Custom Saddle No. 668  $8,500.00   Buy!
Wade tree with a 16" seat this saddle has a hand tooled floral wild rose border mixed with a full basket stamp. Item # 208  
Custom Saddle 722  WADE Custom Saddle 722 WADE  $6,700.00   Buy!
This half breed basket weave stamped Wade saddle is made on a 16" tree with a 4" cantle and a 3"high by 31/2" cap wood post horn. The gullet measure is 61/4" wide by 7 3/4" high. We find this tree fits the largest variety of horses. We have added 6" monne Item # 22 
Cust Wade Saddle #808 Cust Wade Saddle #808  $9,600.00   Buy!
This Custom hand made Wade saddle features a full multi floral tooled design. The stirrups are 6" monnell. The horn is 31/4"x 3" high and the cantle is a 5" high by 11" wide. Item # 226 
Custom Wade Saddle No.804 Custom Wade Saddle No.804  $6,000.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle features a combination smooth leather with rough out seat and fenders. Notice the closed gullet hole and the pointed square skirts. Why not order one for you today. Call 800-547-8477 and talk to TIP. Item # 23913 
Saddle No. 581 Saddle No. 581  $7,000.00   Buy!
This Custom Wade Saddle is one of our most popular styles.If you are traveling, stop by the store and check out our saddles. Notice how the matching basket stamped bucking rolls really sets it off. Item # 2497 
*Saddle No. 579 *Saddle No. 579  $9,525.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle is fully lined and stitched. It has an inlaid Ostrich padded seat a unique hand tooled pattern and just the right amount of sterling silver. Item # 2812 
Custom Wade Saddle 755 Custom Wade Saddle 755   $7,100.00   Buy!
Our most popular tree the Wade is available here in a 15 1/2" seat with a full basket stamp tooling.  Item # 29541 
Custom Saddle 765 Custom Saddle 765   $5,665.00   Buy!
TIP Custom Wade saddle with a 151/2" seat. Rich natural skirting smooth out with rough out seat and fenders. The rigging is a double 7/8 ring. Order your new custom saddle today. Item # 29546 Saddle 765 
Custom Wade Saddle 778 Custom Wade Saddle 778  $7,200.00   Buy!
You will enjoy riding this Wade 15 1/2" saddle for many years. This saddle made in our shop will fit a wide variety of horses. Item # 29554 
Custom Saddle 779 Custom Saddle 779   $8,650.00   Buy!
TIP Wade saddle with a floral tooled California Wild Rose design. This Wade saddle is made on a 16" seat. The rigging is a double Flat Plate set at 7/8.  Item # 29555 Custom Saddle 779  
Wade Custom Saddle 796 Wade Custom Saddle 796   $8,500.00   Buy!
This Custom Wade saddle made by TIPS has a beautifull Pin oak leaf border with full basket weave tooled pattern. The seat length is 16.5" with a 4.5" cantle.  Item # 328 
We made our No. 800 saddle on a Wade tree with a 151/2" seat using rich chestnut leather. We have added a full hand tooled basket weave stamp. Order this Wade today. Item # 376 
Custom Wade Saddle No.797 Custom Wade Saddle No.797  $7,000.00   Buy!
Custom Wade Saddle No.797 Item # 379 
Cust Wade Saddle 818 Cust Wade Saddle 818   $5,600.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle is made on a 16 1/2" seat. The riggings are set at 7/8 and the cantle is 4 1/2" high. Order yours today. Item # 413 
Custom Saddle 436 Custom Saddle 436   $15,200.00   Buy!
This beautiful Multi Floral tooled saddle hand made by Ken Tipton is a peice of art. It has been featured in many of the best Western Art Shows in the U.S.A..It weighs less than 29lbs. What a nice gift for that someone special in your life. Item # 43 
TIPS Custom Wade Saddle #832 TIPS Custom Wade Saddle #832   $7,400.00   Buy!
Tips Custom Wade saddle is made on a 16" seat with a wood post horn. The rigging is set at 7/8 and is a flat plate style. The leather is a Chestnut color. Item # 434 
Custom Wade Saddle 834 Custom Wade Saddle 834   $7,400.00   Buy!
TIPS Chestnut Basket weave tooled Wade saddle is made on a 16" seat. The bars are 61/4" wide with a 7 3/4" high gullet. This saddle offers a great fit for you and your horse.Quality you can count on. You deserve it. Item # 444 
TIPS Custom Wade #836  16 TIPS Custom Wade #836 16  $7,600.00   Buy!
This Wade tree saddle is made from Chestnut leather and features a full basket stamp with a Carlos border and brass conchos. The seat is 16" long with a 4" cantle and a wood post horn. The tree is by Warren Wright. Item # 450 
TIPS Custom Wade #837 15 1/2 TIPS Custom Wade #837 15 1/2   $5,600.00   Buy!
This Wade rough out saddle made by TIP is on the floor ready for your enjoyment. The cantle is 4" high and the bars are 6 1/4" wide at the gullet. You will enjoy the narrow seat comfort for a lifetime.Your worth it. Item # 451 
Custom Saddle No. 678 Custom Saddle No. 678  $9,600.00   Buy!
Wade tree 16" full Sunflower tooling, 7/8 Flat Plate rigging, and rawhide treatment on the horn and cantle. We have used 41/2" Monnell stirrups. Item # 479 
*Custom Saddle 538 *Custom Saddle 538  $6,900.00   Buy!
Popular Wade tree with a 4 1/4" x 3" high wood post horn. We have added barb wire tooling to the half breed basket tooling. Notice the half twist and wrap stirrup leathers. Order yours today. Item # 538 
Custom Saddle 702 Custom Saddle 702  $13,000.00   Buy!
Call 1-800-547-8477 in the USA and ask for Ken Tipton to order your new saddle. This full carved Wade saddle has 28" matching tapaderos. Item # 5455 
Custom Wade Saddle 675 Custom Wade Saddle 675   $7,250.00   Buy!
Custom saddle 675 is made on our Wade tree 16" seat.It has a wood post horn and basket weave tooling with wild rose tooling in the corners.Our saddles are known for their comfortable seat and the way they fit horses. Item # 5600 
*Custom Saddle 472 *Custom Saddle 472  $6,600.00   Buy!
Featuring 7/8 ring rigging with semi quarter horse bars. Includes half twist and wrapped stirrup leathers, half double style corss over rope strap and round skirts. This saddle is fully lined and stitched and is partially hand tooled using a basket stamp. Item # 568 
*Custom Saddle 338 *Custom Saddle 338  $10,900.00   Buy!
This handsome saddle features luxuious full quill ostrich inlaid seat and matching full quill ostrich bucking rolls.Authentic bulldog tapaderros tooled to match the floral lilly design with an outside basketweave. Item # 570 
Custom Wade Saddle #862 Custom Wade Saddle #862  $5,600.00   Buy!
Tip's Custom saddle 862 is made on a WADE tree. The seat is 161/4" with a 4" cantle and a wood post horn 3" high and a finished 41/4" cap. The rigging is set at 7/8. May as well ride the best. You deserve it. Item # 574 
Custom Wade Saddle 869 Custom Wade Saddle 869   $6,850.00   Buy!
Wade tree, 16" seat with half breed Carlos border. The rigging is a 7/8 Flat Plate. The 4" cantle has a small Cheyenne roll.  Item # 580 
*Saddle No. 462 *Saddle No. 462  $6,775.00   Buy!
THis saddle is built on a Wade tree. We have used a half breed stamp. The Cheyenne roll is a Wade style Cheyenne roll and we have added a rawhide ring on the horn and a hand braided rawhide rawhide Hobble ring. 7/8 flat plate rigging. Item # 581 
Custom WADE Saddle #872 Custom WADE Saddle #872  $8,250.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle has the traditional Wade style. The tooling is a floral center all over with a Carlos Border. The first time we have done this combination. Order one for yourself and customize it the way you want it. You deserve it. Item # 584 
Custom Saddle #875 Custom Saddle #875  $5,800.00   Buy!
TIP Saddle 875 Wade 151/2" seat . The horn is 3" hig with a 41/4" finished cap. The cantle is 4" high and the rigging is a 7/8 inskirt rigging. Ordere yours today the way you want it. Item # 589 
Custom Saddle 879 Custom Saddle 879  $6,600.00   Buy!
Wade Half Breed Basket tooled saddle on a 161/4" seat. Wood Post horn, good narrow seat. Will fit the largest variety of horses. Item # 634 
Wade saddle No. 880 Wade saddle No. 880  $7,000.00   Buy!
This TIPS Wade saddle is in stock and ready for you to enjoy. It has a 15" seat, a 4" cantle, and a finished 3 3/4" cap x 3 1/4" high wood post horn.The rigging is a 7/8 in skirt. Half breed Chestnut leather looks outstanding. Item # 635 
Custom Saddle 771 by Ken Tipton Custom Saddle 771 by Ken Tipton  $16,900.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle made by Ken Tipton has over 200 flowers expertly tooled along with 16ga. sterling silver also made by Ken. The seat is a 161/4". The Flat Plate rigging is set at 7/8. Item # 771 
Custom saddle #736 Custom saddle #736   $6,600.00   Buy!
Wade saddle 16" seat, Wood Post horn 4" finished cap by 31/4" high, 41/2" straight up cantle. This Wade has a 61/4" wide gullet and is 73/4" high. Order your Wade saddle made custom for you today. Item # 80 
Cust Saddle 859 made in USA Cust Saddle 859 made in USA  $6,400.00   Buy!
This Hand made Wade saddle features pointed square skirts. The rigging is a 7/8 Ring. We have added half breed basket weave tooling. Order yours today. Item # 863 
Custom Handmade Wade Saddle #860 Custom Handmade Wade Saddle #860   $5,800.00   Buy!
This Wade saddle has a 16" seat, a 4.5" cantle and a 3.5 x 3" wood post horn. The rigging is a 7/8 Flatplate. Notice the grouved line border. Order a new saddle for yourself, You deserve it. Item # 864 
Cust Wade 14 Cust Wade 14  $5,900.00   Buy!
TIPS small Wade made up in a roughout with cut border design. This saddle has a 14" seat and weighs only 25 lbs.  Item # 901 

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