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Buy one for every saddle,every pickup, every 4-wheeler. Standard Plammer is 10.5
Plammer Fence Tool 
View Set

Includes 18oz. Bed Tarp with our 1
TIPS Bedroll Full Set Up 18oz. 
Item # 1518  $275.00

Our 300/600 grit diamond hone is the perfect size to carry in your pocket. Sharpens knives easily and lasts for years. I have one in my truck, my home, and one on my saddle shop bench.
Double Sided Diamond Hone 
Item # 7529  $29.95

The 380 Special is a custom made rope only available from TIPS WESTERN. For now we are making them in 50' length in XS, S, MS LAYS. The 380 Special has a great feel with good weight and most of the bounce has been removed.
380 SPECIAL Long Ranch Rope (MADE IN USA) 
View Set

Our 55' Cotton ropes have a honda tied in them and a speed burner installed in them for you. A rawhide or steel honda nay be added. These ropes will last longer than nylon. Also available with a turks head and no hondo.
5/16 Cotton 5 Strand tied hondo w/speed burner 
View Set

Our no drip medicine is adjustable to fit different sizes of bottles. The bottles stand up when not in use and turn upside down when using. Extra saddle pocket on right side and a needle pouch on the left side.
Item # 2400  $335.00

Elk hide horn wrap is our most popular horn wrap. Elk hide is easier on your rope and it has more grab than Mule hide.Elk hide horn wraps are easy to put on without wetting them.
Elk Hide Horn Wrap (MADE IN USA) 
Item # 1751  $20.00

We offer Turquoise horn wrapping as well as Pink, Mule Hide, Latigo, and Elk horn wrapping. All are cut to a generous length.
Item # 18401  $20.00

Match our Turquoise Cantle Bag with our Turquoise Bucking Rolls and our Turquoise Horn Wraps. Cantle bag is 19
Turquoise Cantle Bag 
Item # 105038  $139.95

Muskrat knife similar to The Cow Cutter
Muskrat knife similar to The Cow Cutter 
Item # 8472  $59.95

We stock monnel stirrups with a bottom tread an many sizes. The skulls are strong Nettles stirrups with a beautiful Monnel cover. Dress your saddle up today with a new pair.
Moran Monnel Stirrups (MADE IN USA) 
View Set

TIPS offers the Great Basin Hondo which is cast from stainless steel. We carry it in both 5/16 and 3/8. We will be happy to install one on any of our ropes. Just order and let us know that you want it put on the rope you order.
View Set

Won Pads are made of wool felt with a neoprene rubber bottom. They are available in 1
Won Pad Flex vent Round (MADE IN USA) 
View Set

Wool is all natural, tough, looks great and is absorbent. Will absorb 80 percent of its weight and continue to breath. Machine washable. Wicks heat and sweat from your horses back.
WoolBack Pads 
View Set

Made with special pressure absorbing Comfor foam inside. The top and bottom covering is wool felt.These pads are made to fit a horses back allowing for the rise at the withers and a flair at the back.Wool felt bottom. 32
Wade Comforpedic Wool Pad MADE IN USA 
Item # 22370  $235.00

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